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Demo Reel Breakdown

Everything was rendered with Mental Ray. “RT” stands for Render Time and indicates the amount of time it took to render a single image (1024x576) in decent quality. For the rendering of the image sequences #1 and #4 the high-quality anti-aliasing settings led to a significantly larger RT in order to avoid texture sampling problems during the camera movement. As this would not represent the RT efficiency of the light setup properly, I instead used the following render settings (if not stated differently):

Min Sample Level: 0                                                           Filter: Mitchell
Max Sample Level: 2                                                          Filter Size: 4
Contrast Threshold: 0.05 RGBA

In addition to the Color Pass I often rendered mattes and I always added an Ambient Occlusion Pass.

#1 “Natural History Museum” (Photoshop, Maya)                                                                                                                 October 2010
RT: 1 min 15 sec (Threshold: 0.1)
My Work: Textures and Shading, Lighting
Models by Alvaro Luna Bautista and Joel Andersdon

#2 “Pirouette” (Maya, MR, After Effects)                                                                                                                              September 2010
RT: 41 sec (Threshold: 0.1; Filter: Gauss)
My Work: Animation, Textures and Shading, Lighting, Compositing
Model, Rig and UV Layout by John Doublestein

#3 “Long Road” (PS)                                                                                                                                                               September 2010
My Work: Photography of the Street and Photoshop Retouching
Photography of the Clouds from Google

#4 “Hip Hopper in Space” (Softimage, AFX)                                                                                                                        November 2010
RT: 5 min 36 sec
My Work: Animation, Textures and Shading, Lighting, Compositing
Character and Rig by Javier Vega, Model of the Spaceship by Juan Carlos Silva

#5 “iPhone” (PS, Softimage, AFX)                                                                                                                                          November 2010
Completely my own work, split up in several Passes (Occlusion, Reflections, Several Masks)
Rendering of 120 frames of all passes took approximately 1 hour

#6 “Head Replacement” (Mudbox, Softimage, AFX)                                                                                                               October 2010
RT: 44 sec (Threshold: 0.1; Filter: Triangle)
My Work: Model, UV Layout, Sculpting, Shading, Lighting, Compositing
Original Image from the movie “Ironman”

#7 “Still Life with Violin” (PS, Softimage,  AFX)                                                                                                                       October 2008
RT: 1 min 17 sec (Threshold: 0.1)
Completely my own work

#8 “Acer Notebook” (PS, Softimage, AFX)                                                                                                                                January 2010
RT: 43 sec (On a long shot, RT was very dependent on the framing)
My Work: Animation, Texturing, Shading, Lighting (Final Gathering), Compositing; it’s the only time I used GI 
Model by Michael Krocan

#9 “Actimel Coins” (Softimage, AFX)                                                                                                                                   December  2009
RT: Approximately 20 sec
My Work: Animation, Shading, Lighting, Compositing
Texture files were provided

#10 “Bee Attack” (Softimage, AFX)                                                                                                                                             August 2010
RT: Totally dependent on the number of bees in the scene, for an exemplary medium amount:
Pre-Processing: 2 min, Rendering (Including Motion Blur): 20 sec
My Work: Everything on the Bees, including Compositing
Color Graded Video Footage was provided by an external Film Production Company

#11 “Buck Bunny” (Maya, AFX)                                                                                                                                                     April 2010
RT: 7 sec (Threshold: 0.1)
My Work: Animation, Lighting, Compositing
Background Picture from Google
Big Buck Bunny Model by Blender Foundation |, converted to Maya rig by T. R. Raja Gopal