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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Demo Reel 2010

This is my brandnew Lighting Demo Reel. I hope you like it. For further information click the "Credit List" Link to the left.
To watch it in higher quality, go to:

Natural History

These are my latest renderings. A museum in three different light situations. Of course with Global Illumination checked off!
Models by Alvaro Luna Bautista and Joel Andersdon.

Long Road

No, unfortunately this is not a rendering. It's just some Photoshop compositing.

Head Replacement

My first attempt at skin shading and lighting. The head modeling was a good Mudbox exercise too.
The second image was my reference, for anyone who has not seen Iron Man yet.


Another dancer, this time on stage and a bit more classical. Character and Rig by John Doublestein.

Hip Hop in Space

Spacy, isn't it? Character Model and Rig by Javier Vega, Spaceship Model by Juan Carlos Silva.


The new Apple iPhone! Made in Softimage, not "made in China".