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Friday, 29 October 2010

Acer Notebook

Here you can see the result of my first experiences with Final Gather Rendering in Softimage... I still prefer the traditional way of lighting.

Bee Attack

This one was for a TV commercial with a famous Austrian radio moderator. The bees are coming out of the telly, how dare they? Luckily, there's an off-switch!

Still Life with Violin

This is my oldest work. October 2008. I did it just for fun and I still like it.

Actimel Commercial "Coins"

This was a special project: The coins were not allowed to look like real money.
The problem of money is - someone told me - that it is automatically associated with dirt and bacteria.
To avoid this and to establish some feeling of cleanliness instead, the colors of choice are very light and desaturated.